Just Stitchin’ has put together over 40 creative stitch craft kits for kids providing them with an interesting way to learn to stitch as well as learning basic repair skills. It’s fun & exciting! A great way of developing fine motor skills as well as strengthens their hand/ eye coordination.

Living in a busy world today, many children miss out on the opportunity to learn these basic & traditional skills. Kids develop many skills whilst stitchin’ including learning about art, texture and colour. They are proud to finish their project & they achieve an abiding sense of satisfaction and self-worth.
All the Kidz kits come complete with pre-printed design, needle, threads and buttons. The easy to follow instructions have been carefully designed for beginners, through to the advanced stitchers.

Once you have stitched any number of kits, the choice is endless on what you can make them into afterward. Here are samples of a quilts that has been constructed using some of the kits in our range.

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