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Busy Bees Sew Tote & Accessories

For all those lovers of naïve stitchery combined with a fun way of patchwork using those chenille scraps. The roll has inside pockets and a special place for needles. Bonus is a chenille bee pincushion.

Life is a Patchwork

Sewing Bag, Needle Case and Scissor Holder
Do you love patchwork without all the fuss? Do you love to stitch? Well here it is. A creative set is just waiting to be stitched. Why not make one for a friend? The collection features a “crazy patchwork” panel using naïve embroidery.

Patty’s Quilting Bag

If you go to patchwork class then this is an essential bag to take with you. It has a zipper pocket on the inside to hold all the small stuff. The bag is large enough to hold a cutting board. It features naïve embroidery and applique and a patchwork panel on the back.

She Works Well

Sewing Bag, Needle Case and Scissor Holder
This delightful collection will encourage you and all those folks who never stop stitchin’. Featuring simple naive stitchery. Create your own heirloom or make one for that special person in your life.

Stitch a Little Love

Sewing Bag, Needle Case and Scissor Holder
This cheerful collection features a “”friendship garden”” that is stitched using naïve embroidery and button flowers for you or that special friend in your life. The central panel is surrounded by Log Cabin Patchwork.